About Us

Since 2010, MWDPlanet has been developing and producing high-quality MWD kits. Our growing team is composed of engineers and industry experts, having over 50 combined years of experience in MWD tool development. With team members from around the world, we are proud to serve the global drilling industry with our unwaveringly high standards and commitment to excellence.

For more information, please download this informational pamphlet (PDF).

Meet Our Team

  • Borys Kucherenko

    President and Founder

  • Mariya Kucherenko

    (P. Eng.)
    Managing Director
  • Vitaliy Vasinovich

    (M.Sc. in Applied Physics)
    Lead Product Developer

    Derek Belle

    (B.Sc. in Physics)
    Product Developer

    Sijia Xu

    (M.Sc. in Physics)
    Product Developer

    Brittany Welsh

    (B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics)
    Software Developer

    Iryna Kucherenko

    International Projects Director