MudPulser Kit

  • Classical bottom end pulser
  • BLDC-Motor Driven
  • Up to 400 hours on one battery
  • Solids: 2-5% for the customized bottom end
  • Top-drive mud pulser for applications such as rotary-steerable tool, and for specific resistivity tools
  • 150°C or 175°C versions
  • Kintek or rotary connectors available
  • Class 1 Div 2 surface system
  • Universal Power 90-260 VAC

EM and Hybrid Telemetry Kits

EM Telemetry Kit

  • 50V/7A (RMS) EM transmitter
  • Can assign specific transmitted data
  • Gab Subs are double-insulated
  • Rated up to 175°C

Hybrid Telemetry Kit

  • Choose telemetry channels on the fly, and assign telemetry-specific channel data

Depthtracking and Data Logging System

  • Resistivity and gamma data logging, correlation, and printing
  • WITS in/out fully compatible
  • Drum encoder or Geolo-Graph,hook -load sensor
  • Auto-Slips ON and OFF
  • Class 1 Div 2 Surface System
  • Universal Power 90-260 VAC

Resistivity System


  • Classical Latterlog method of measurements
  • Wide diapason of formations
  • Fast steering tool, perferct for horizontal drilling
  • Gives the driller complete view of the production zone with quick and precise measurement of the surroundings
  • One frequency of investigation
  • Four fully independent perpendicular receivers
  • Up to 1.5 meters on the side of depth investigation
  • Not effective for oil-based mud system
  • Requires mechanical and electronic investigation into the MWD kit


  • Two or three frequencies of investigation
  • Phase and amplitude measurements
  • Good for horizontal and mechanical drilling
  • Requires mechanical and electronic integration into the MWD kit